The general philosophy behind UQ BJJ is that, if it works, do it! The power of BJJ came into prominence with the UFC victories of martial arts legend Royce Gracie (which is still untarnished despite his comprehensive loss to current UFC Middleweight Champion Matt Hughes).

Consequently, there are several international martial arts tournaments that are of keen interest to the modern martial artist: “no- rules” competitions such as UFC and PRIDE are the modern day crucibles for martial prowess. These days, if a martial artist believes he/she is the best, there is a forum to test his/her skills. If it doesn’t work in the cage or ring, than how can it work in the street!?!

If it don’t work in the ring, then it doesn’t work on the street. This is what we preach, and MMA tournaments over the past decade have revolutionised martial arts. Single, sometimes antiquated styles, have either had to adapt (as is the nature of martial arts) or stagnate into inadequacy for the modern cross-training martial artist. No longer are styles formulated in one nation used to defend against other styles of the same nation.

These days, English Boxing, Russian Sambo, French Savate, Greco-Roman Wreslting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Australian Rugby League [Oz’s most popular martial art;)], Muay Thai Kickboxing and plain ol’ Prison-ryu Thug-jutsu are now part of the international foray of fighting styles (just like Street Fighter or Tekken!!!). Subsequently, the modern martial artist now has to contend with these styles, and if you can’t beat them, join them! Or take the fundamentals from all of them!! And as modern fighting has shown us, those who win, have had to do just that: the mixed martial artist is the warrior of now.

Some REAL martial art’s tournaments.


PRIDE or PRIDE Fighting Championships is a major mixed martial arts organization based in Japan, currently promoted by Dream Stage Entertainment (DSE). Its inaugural event was held at the Tokyo Dome on October 11, 1997. It is the most popular MMA organization in the world based on the number of event attendees: the PRIDE Final Elimination 2003 event had 65,000 people in the audience. The audience record is 90,000 people on the PRIDE and K-1 co-production Shockwave/Dynamite, held in August 2002.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

Ultimate Fighting Championship is a U.S.-based mixed martial arts (MMA) organization, currently recognised as the major MMA promotion in North America.

Started by Art Davie & Rorion Gracie (of Gracie Jiu Jitsu fame)- WOW Promotions as a tournament to find the world’s best fighter, no matter what their style, the UFC was to be based upon a version of Brazilian vale tudo fighting. Often violent and brutal with a minimal set of rules, the UFC’s brand of vale tudo, initially known as no holds barred fighting, allowed for fighters of various disciplines to prove which martial arts style prevailed above others in realistic, unregulated situations. Early fights in the UFC, while accomplishing the goal of determining which style was best, were less sport than spectacle, which led to accusations of brutality and “human cockfighting” by opponents.

As political pressure mounted, the UFC reformed itself, slowly embracing stricter sets of rules, sanctioning by athletic commissions, and marketing itself as a legitimate sporting event. Dropping the no holds barred label and carrying the banner of mixed martial arts, the UFC has reemerged from its political isolation as it has become more socially acceptable, regaining its position in pay-per-view television. With a cable television deal with Fox Sports Net and now Spike TV, and legalisation of MMA in California, a hotbed for MMA fandom, the UFC is currently undergoing a remarkable surge in popularity.

Australian MMA

Australian MMA is well represented, especially Queensland! With great shows such as WARRIORS REALM, SPARTAN and XPLOSION, our club members have many shows to watch within an hour’s drive each year!

…And Some Kickboxing


K-1 is a kickboxing combat sport that combines standup techniques from karate, taekwondo, kickboxing and traditional boxing, among others. The name is a play off the abbreviation of Formula 1, which is F-1. The sport was first formed by Kazuyoshi Ishii, a former Kyokushin karate competition fighter who had formed his own organisation, Seido-kaikan karate, in 1980. Seido-kaikan arranged several successful organization challenge events against other martial sport organizations, originally using rules based on the Kyokushin Knockdown karate rules, but gradualy adapting and changing closer to kickboxing rules. In 1993 Mr. Ichii founded the K-1 organization exclusively as a kickboxing sport organisations, closely cooperating with, but independent from, Seido-kaikan.

There is currently a 70.5kg (155lb) weight division in K-1 called K-1 MAX (“Middleweight Artistic Xtreme”). K-1 MAX has awesome middleweight action: combining sheer speed and unbelievable power generated by 155lb fighters.

The K-1 organization has recently branched out into mixed martial arts (MMA) in a series of events known as Hero’s. Headliners include Genki Sudo, Joachim Hansen, Bob Sapp and more recently MMA PRIDE legend Kazushi Sakuraba.


Evolution is Brisbane’s only Muay Thai kick boxing association bringing fight fans spectacular kickboxing action. Evolution draws representatives from across the world to battle for world class titles in venues across Brisbane.

Muay Thai, the ancient form of bare hand Martial Art from Thailand is the most spectacular spectator sport of modern time. Inside the ring, watch as world class fighters turn their hands and limbs into weapons unleashing their speed, strength and devastating force upon their opponents, as outside ring the evolution Girls cheer the fighters on.

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