July 15, 2006

Hello to all those interested in any Mixed Martial Arts and/or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu activities at the very fine University of Queensland! This blog has been created as any easy way to inform all our members/friends of MMA/BJJ related topics, whether it be seminars, training times, MMA fight nights, Muay Thai fight nights or any general news of interest.

Some information concerning what we do and to spark some interest if you don’t know much about MMA & BJJ is available in the menu above. There are also links if you are intrigued about the wider world of MMA, BJJ and Kickboxing.

UQ BJJ has a fine history, and we welcome new members to come in and help write the next chapters!!!


For any information concerning the club, check out:


or email me on: BJJ.at.UQ@gmail.com

See you all at training!

Seth Tarrant

UQ BJJ President