The University of Queensland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club (UQ BJJ) has been an entity dedicated to self defence and effective martial arts for several years now. At UQ BJJ we know that to defend yourself effectively you need to be skilled in all aspects of fighting: striking and grappling, standing and on the ground. Hence we aim to teach all aspects of self defence.

Subsequently, our classes are divided in two parts: the first hour (2-3pm) is simple and very effective kickboxing/MMA; and the second hour (3-4pm) is Brazilian Jiujitsu, a grappling system vital for any complete martial artist.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Be a complete Martial Artist, a Mixed Martial Artist
In MMA we combine the best techniques from a variety of different martial arts to form the most effective self defence system possible. You’ll learn practical techniques that will work for you in a self-defence scenario. The predominate components of our MMA classes are Kickboxing and Wrestling, which lead into the following BJJ class.

– Muay Thai Kickboxing skills for striking and defence against strikes on our feet
– Wrestling to take our opponent down or defend their takedowns
– BJJ to finish the fight on the ground or defend against strikes there

Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ)
Brazilian Jiujitsu or BJJ is a highly practical system of grappling that’s based on the simple fact that the vast majority or real world altercations end up on the ground.

Unlike other styles, BJJ is geared towards placing your opponent in finishing holds (submission) (chokes and joint locks) rather than pinning or holding. BJJ practitioners are able to use their technical skill and application of good leverage to beat a significantly larger and stronger opponent. In this case, knowledge really is power!

ADVANCE Martial Arts

Matt Cooper, veteran of the Australian MMA scene and pioneer of UQ BJJ, is the head instructor at UQ. He also owns and runs a full time martial arts gym on Stanley Street, Coorparoo, East Brisbane. UQ members who want to further their martial arts training have a valuable resource at Coorparoo, with MMA, kickboxing, Greco-Roman wrestling and BJJ classes running 7 days & nights a week.

ADVANCE Martial Arts

Unit 5, 28 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo

Contact Matt Cooper: 0412 520 077



5 Responses to “1. About The Club”

  1. Tom said


    Is the University of Queensland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club (UQ BJJ)open to non-students? I would very much like to try out the classes at UQ. Also, is there is a belt-system in UQ BJJ?



  2. bauke said

    good morning,

    I’m interested in trying martials arts (BJJ, muy thai, mma). What are the training days/times for the abve 3?

    best regards,


  3. Tin said

    Hey guys, if you still need an answer, training is at 2-4 Monday and Thursday at the UQ martial arts gym. There is no belt system and we don’t train in gi’s, just whatever is comfortable and functional. And it is open to non UQ students.

  4. bob123 said

    how old do you have to be to be able to participate

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