Hey everybody

For those interested in learning a bit of BJJ and MMA this semester, feel free to come along and join our training sessions on Mondays and now THURSDAYS, 2-4pm in the Martial Arts Gymnasium located upstairs in the UQ Fitness Centre. Beginners are welcome! First lesson is always free, and the cost is $100 per semester whether you’re a student or not.

See you all at training!




August 3, 2007

Be there!

Back to School

July 26, 2007

Hello everybody

Semester 2 has kicked off again at UQ, and we are training twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays at UQ (in the Martial Arts Gym, above UQ Fitness Centre reception) from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Anybody who’s interested, follow the links in this page and contact me! First couple of lessons are free, so come along, try it out, and hopefully have some fun and learn something!

On another note, two of coach Matt Cooper’s fighter are competing on the next Warriors Realm on the Gold Coast. If anybody is keen to attend, drop me a line, or just turn up. The last even was fantastic, and this one should be no different.

See you at training!


Well well well… the cage makes its return to QLD after a bried, and very successful, departure down south for WR 8..

For Australia’s premier cagefighting event, it is well worth checking out this show..

From http://www.warriorsrealm.tv

The complete fight card for Warriors Realm 9 Japan v Australia will be officially released this coming Wednesday the 18th of April. Team Australia will be represented by Hector Lombard, Jacob Sidic, Adrian Pang and Daniel Lima. All competing against very tough Japanese opponents. Accompanied by an outstanding undercard, this event will be huge.


February 5, 2007

Hello all,

It’s that time of year where students get back to the books, which means MMA and BJJ classes at UQ start up again!

Classes at ADVANCE Martial Arts have been going strong over the holidays: Boxing lessons with the Commonwealth games boxer, Muay Thai classes with Dip Yuanjit who last year trained JWP, wrestling classes with the irrepressible Vitali and of course BJJ and MMA with Matt Cooper! It’s been hectic. I was in Thailand for a couple of weeks (drinking more mango shakes and less pad rounds than I should have), but I’m fired up to see all those interested on Monday the 26th of Febtober (see SNL Celebrity Jepoardy)!

Training is at the same bat-time: 2-4pm Monday and Wednesday at UQ Sport Centre. The bat-cost is $100 per semester. This includes weekend training at ADVANCE.

See you all soon!



October 14, 2006

Reasons to go: On the Sunshine Coast, sweet nightlife afterwords, hottest ring girls around (seriously, they smoke the other events [Although Evo 8 was damn good last month]), awesome MMA action and plus Matt “Pain Train” Cain from ADVANCE Martial Arts is fighting. Oh yeah!

Check out the Warriors Realm website.

EVOLUTION 8: Hell yeah!

August 25, 2006

Evolution is the best Muay Thai show in Oceania, let alone Queensland. Get a group of mates, and see what a real Muay Thai show is about.


Be there!


July 15, 2006

Hello to all those interested in any Mixed Martial Arts and/or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu activities at the very fine University of Queensland! This blog has been created as any easy way to inform all our members/friends of MMA/BJJ related topics, whether it be seminars, training times, MMA fight nights, Muay Thai fight nights or any general news of interest.

Some information concerning what we do and to spark some interest if you don’t know much about MMA & BJJ is available in the menu above. There are also links if you are intrigued about the wider world of MMA, BJJ and Kickboxing.

UQ BJJ has a fine history, and we welcome new members to come in and help write the next chapters!!!


For any information concerning the club, check out:


or email me on: BJJ.at.UQ@gmail.com

See you all at training!

Seth Tarrant

UQ BJJ President